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World-class education for global learners

About Us

Globax is all about offering a fresh, easy-going approach to making sure you can find professional training courses at affordable rates. Our training course cover various practices and professional disciplines, making it easy for you to start working towards a more varied professional portfolio. Whether you wish to learn a new skill or hone skills that you already have, you will find that we have a course at the Globax which is just right for you.

Learning in your language

Simple, easy-to-follow courses in your language are offered to make learning even easier.

More Interaction

Build up your network with multi-lingual learners. Easy to post feedback on lectures, readings, ideologies.

Learning tailored to you

Study at your own pace, in your own time, with courses delivered in bite-size pieces designed to be easy-to-understand


Helping you along the way wherever we can

Why Choose Us

Globax is a company that puts your learning at
the forefront of everything we do. Nothing is taken
to chance, which is why we have numerous courses for
professional disciplines delivered in multiple languages.




It was really easy to understand the course as being able to take the course in my native Spanish language. Really a helpful learning platform for learners who want to learn in native language.

Mark Joi – Leaners


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