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About Us

Globax is all about offering a fresh, easy-going approach to making sure you can find professional training courses at affordable rates. Our training course cover various practices and professional disciplines, making it easy for you to start working towards a more varied professional portfolio. Whether you wish to learn a new skill or hone skills that you already have, you will find that we have a course at the Globax which is just right for you.

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Propel your business forward on the correct path – in your own language

When you are serious about taking things to the next level as a professional, it pays to learn from sources that you can trust. No matter where you are from, or what language you speak, we have something for you. Every course that we provide is based on the English language, but we also make sure that you can pick up the same course in your native tongue.

This will help you to make sure that you can start passing courses with consummate ease, becoming the professional that you wish to be. We believe that this allows for you to make your learning much more productive, producing results that you can be very proud of.

Choose your path as a professional

Part of the benefit of using our various courses is that you can put yourself directly on the path to where you wish to go in life. This allows you to work on anything from Administration to Personal Development. This allows for you to easily find and build up the skills that you need to help make sure that you can contribute in a professional environment as soon as is possible.

All of our courses are accessible online, too, making sure that you can do all of your learning from the comfort of your home. If life is getting in the way of your professional progress so far, you will find that our professional courses will make it much easier for you to learn at a time and in a place that is perfectly suited to you.

Experienced staff and open support

Best of all, we make sure that you are learning from people who you can learn from and enjoy doing so. All of our tutors and lecturers come from the industry that they are teaching you about. This allows for you to easily learn from us and grasp the most important parts of our message.

Our team come from various professional backgrounds, with each one making sure you can get all the help that you need to bring all of your wisdom to life within the hospitality sector.

This is all backed up by a core support team who simply wants you to do so well. We will make sure that you can get all the help that you need to make some changes to the way that you work, ensuring that you can make smarter decisions on the courses you pick, ensuring that your learning experience is as enjoyable as is possible.

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