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What qualities make a great leader?

A lot of people want to secure employment in their chosen field simply to bring in money, put food on the table, secure a roof over their heads and those of their family members, and lead a decent, comfortable life. These people aren’t concerned with working their way up the corporate ladder, instead content with all of the aforementioned. That’s admirable and the right choice for many.

However, other individuals – driven by ambition – are unhappy working in this way. They constantly strive for more, hungry for the power, respect and money that comes with leadership positions. They want doors to be opened for them and they want to walk through them.

Becoming a leader isn’t enough

What qualities make a great leader

Becoming a leader is one thing, though. Being an excellent leader is quite another. For those who manage to reach the higher echelons of a company’s management structure, what does it take for them to successfully lead the team under them, ensuring the organisation for which they work does well against its competitors?

Well, opinions on this vary across the board, with different leaders advocating a range of personal and professional characteristics. And that’s to be expected, given that leaders in different types of organisation, operating in different industries and sectors, will all require different characteristics for success.

Whatever the case, the best leaders are adaptable to their circumstances, and can both lead and empower their team at any time.

Globax don’t want to bog you down in theory here, but it is worth noting that leadership experts and academics from across the globe generally agree on the principles of leadership. For the sake of keeping things lighter in this post, we’ve done some research on the most successful companies in the world, who’s leading them, and what qualities they exhibit. We think the outcome is pretty interesting.

Qualities required of great leaders

What qualities make a great leader

  • Trust your values and beliefs

A leader can’t get their team members to align their values and beliefs with their own if they don’t have unswerving trust in those values and beliefs themselves.

  • Have the guts to make difficult choices

It’s easy to go for the easy option, but good leaders aren’t afraid of making hard choices to do the best for their team and their organisation.

  • Be someone worth respecting

Getting your team to respect you is a very hard thing to accomplish, but it can be done by making sure they know that you respect them, and by demonstrating empathy.

  • Know your team inside out

Great leaders know everything about their team members; every strength and every weakness. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to steer the team towards success.

  • Understand that your team is a vital component of success

Good leaders will hire only the best individuals to help them do what needs to be done. If they don’t understand the importance of this, then failure is just around the corner.

  • Communicate a defined vision

Great leaders will always have an unambiguous vision for their organisation or project, and they will make sure that their team knows exactly what it is. This gives the entire team an overall objective to work towards, with smaller goals to accomplish along to the way.

  • Encourage excellence

Good leaders will always do their utmost to make sure their team members are the best they can be.

Fancy being a great leader?

If you see these qualities in yourself, the chances are you’ll make a great leader. Your chances of becoming a leader are better with a relevant qualification, so why don’t you take a look at our range of leadership courses and start your journey to leadership today.

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